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Success Story Bascom Palmer Eye Institute celebrates 25 years of performing LASIK. Celebrating and reflecting on our Institute's' 25-year legacy of performing LASIK and advancing the field of refractive surgery through research, innovative technology, patient safety and the highest level of care.
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Z-LASIK is a unique way to create LASIK flaps with smooth stromal beds and consistent precision. LASIK flaps created with the FEMTO LDV have no tissue bridges and thus are easy to open. The low energy laser produces minimal tissue reactions.
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Cost of Services. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis LASIK is an outpatient procedure that changes the shape of the cornea to correct refractive errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. In LASIK, topical anesthesia is applied to the surface of the eye.
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The FREE LASIK Consumer Report The 9 most important you need to know about LASIK are covered in the LASIK CONSUMER REPORT. Because of its straight-talk, informative approach, the REPORT is one of the most trusted consumer publications on LASIK.
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How much does LASIK cost? The LASIK Vision Institute makes LASIK affordable providing clear, predictable LASIK prices relative to your eye prescription and laser eye surgery needs. This price is reviewed at your FREE LASIK Consultation. We offer an easy financing process and 90 of our patients qualify for financing.
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Your prescription must be within the range that can be corrected with LASIK. You should be in good general health. LASIK may not be recommended for people with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, glaucoma, herpes infections of the eye, or cataracts.
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Only an eye care professional can determine whether an individual is eligible for LASIK treatment. In general, a good LASIK candidate is at least 18 years old, has healthy corneas, and has maintained a stable eye prescription for the last 12 months.
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These networks offer members a discount on LASIK services when using an in-network QualSight provider. In addition, if you have a LASIK benefit as part of your vision benefit package and use an in-network eye care professional, you can receive an upfront allowance towards your LASIK procedure, as well as any applicable discounts.
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Are there alternatives to LASIK surgery? Yes there are, but LASIK surgery remains the best option for most people. The most common LASIK alternatives are outlined below: PRK: PRK is a surface ablation procedure used for patients whose corneal shape or thickness makes LASIK an inappropriate choice.
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Would you like to Win Free LASIK in Toledo? Begin your path toclear vision, without the hassles of contact lenses or glasses, atToledo LASIK Cataract. Here our experienced surgeon, William, Willey MD, has performed LASIK laser vision correction to thousands of people in our region.
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What's' it like to have Lasik? Patient shares surgery, recovery, cost and more. Here's' how to prepare for the Lasik procedure, what it feels like, how to recover and what it costs. Up to 800,000, patients undergo the Lasik procedure in the U.S.

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